»It all started with an Egg«

The story of Omelegg the breakfast restaurant in Amsterdam and Berlin.

Once upon a time on the road, we were heading east to enjoy our holidays. This trip would end up as the historical trip where the idea of an omelette place was born! After returning to our home-town of Amsterdam we started to develop our idea. Finally on April 27th 2013 Omelegg opened its doors.

With our very capable father Cyrus on our side who built the entire restaurant and the always hardworking head chef Boudewijn, we were confident this concept would succeed.

On August 15th 2015 the burning desire of a second Omelegg in Amsterdams city centre was realized and in 2019 our dreams of eggspanding internationally became reality with our lovely sister Sascha on board, managing one of the few female run restaurants in Berlin.

Today after 3 branches, with our father still on our side having built the two Omeleggs in Amsterdam and the third Omelegg in Berlin, and the always loyal and irreplaceable Boudewijn still cracking them eggs in our Pijp location, we can surely state this journey has been a success indeed.

We, the two brothers Faraz and Nima, are proud to run a family business with a great team that is always dedicated and determined to deliver great service and quality to our guests worldwide.

A huge shout out to all the hardworking chickens for producing those delicious fresh eggs we serve every day!