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Get your egg on!

Still a family run business
The highly rated breakfast in Amsterdam

Eggspresso® Coffee by Omelegg

Eggspresso® Coffee

Our very own premium private label coffee

All day eggyday

As pioneers we do eggs as an eggspert should! Specialized in omelettes, using fresh ingredients prepared on the spot, your day can’t start any better with a nutritious breakfast.


We don’t work with reservations at Omelegg.
However, the fast pace in our restaurants makes sure that your waiting time is reduced to the minimum amount of time. 


We’re always looking for lovely people to join our staff. Drop a message at or check the available positions here, and we’ll get back to you asap!

Our Eggs

Over 3.000.000 eggs
cracked since 2013

Our dishes are prepared with free-range eggs, always as fresh as possible. We do not add any cream or milk to our eggs, therefore our eggmix is Lactose-free. You will be served pure eggs for the best breakfast eggsperience.

Visit Omelegg
in Amsterdam

For a healthy and fresh breakfast, fast and friendly service, in a one of a kind breakfast restaurant you can eggspect to get your egg on all day eggyday!

Opening Hours


  • Monday – Friday
    7am – 4pm
  • Saturday & Sunday
    8am – 4pm

  • Monday – Friday
    7am – 4pm
  • Saturday & Sunday
    8am – 4pm

At both locations, the kitchen closes at 3:30pm