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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are your Omeleggs GLUTEN-FREE?

By default the Omeleggs come with a slice of wholewheat bread. But we do offer gluten-free bread on request.
The base of our Omeleggs is gluten-free, however some of our ingredients may contain gluten. Make sure to check our allergen list.

Are your Omeleggs LACTOSE-FREE?

The base of our Omeleggs are lactose-free.
Our Omelegg base consist of 100% eggs. We do not add any cream or milk to our eggs.
Make sure to check our allergen list for other ingredients. 

Where can we find your menu?

Please view our menu page for multi-lingual menus. 

What type of coffee do you serve?

We have our own private label coffee called Eggspresso®.
Eggspresso® is a blend of Brazilian, Guatemalan and Ugandan coffee beans, freshly roasted for all Omelegg locations.


Do you take reservations?

We don’t work with reservations at Omelegg.
However, the fast pace in our restaurants makes sure that your waiting time is reduced to the minimum amount of time.

Do you do take-out?

You can order take-out at all our locations. However, not all dishes are suited for take-out. 
But do not worry, all our Omeleggs are! 🙂

Do you do deliveries?

Unfortunately we do not, because we believe our Omeleggs are best enjoyed in our shops. 

Where do we find Omelegg?

Currently we have 2 locations in Amsterdam. Please view our location page: 

Are strollers allowed in the restaurant?

At our location in De Pijp it is indeed allowed to bring in the stroller. 
However our location in the City Centre, due to its size and safety policy, we do not allow strollers in our restaurant.

Are pets allowed at Omelegg?

We only allow dogs to enter all our locations. However, your dog must be well behaved, leashed and seated under the table. 

Merchandise & gifts

Do you offer Omelegg merchandise?

Currently we have T-shirts, Omelegg coffee cups and saucers as merchandise. 
Also you can buy our own private label coffee.

Can I purchase a giftcard?

Yes you can. Please view our webshop to purchase your giftcard. 

Payment info

Which cards do you accept?

At all our locations you can pay with all common debit- and credit cards. 

Do you accept cash payments?

No, as of 2024 we do not accept cash payments at any of our locations.